Thomas & Thomas Contact

Yakima River Rainbow Trout

The Thomas & Thomas Contact is a top notch tight-line nymphing rod that is light in hand, accurate, and durable.

Length: 10’ 8”

Weight: 3

Pieces: 4

Action: Moderate/Fast

Use: Tight-line Nymphing

Retail: $825

The Thomas & Thomas Contact is my go-to tight-line nymphing rod. 

Along with all their other rods, I was no less impressed with this model.  The crisp and light feeling in hand allows for clean and accurate casts and reduces user fatigue. 

I have paired it with the new Ross Animas which is a little lighter than its’ predecessor, but with the uplocking reel seat it balances out the rod nicely. 

Most rods are 10′, 10’6″ or 11′. This rod is 10’8″ and right away you might notice the 8” instead of the usual rounded off or 6” mark.  These extra 2” allows a little extra reach that other rods may not quite be able to reach which is pretty important when fishing a river that is a little bigger than normal rivers that you see people tight-line nymphing. 

Thomas & Thomas

This also gives us a little extra leverage when fighting bigger, more aggressive fish, which are common on the Yakima River.  The Contact has a small cork fighting butt as well to give you more leverage when fighting fish.

Right away when holding this rod, you will see the natural finish that decreases weight and high-quality Flor grade cork.  Thomas & Thomas rods are hand made here in America and only use top quality materials when making their fly rods. 

I have not used a tight-line nymphing rod with more accuracy, control, and durability as the Contact. 

I have had this rod bent to the cork with heavy fish under the boat and not once worry about it snapping. 

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get into tightline nymphing, although the price point might scare people just getting into it away.  If you are someone who has been tight-line nymphing for awhile though you will immediately appreciate this rod and won’t regret buying it.

Learn more about T&T, visit their website.

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