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Bottom Dweller Stone

The Bottom Dweller Stonefly is an excellent point fly for Euro style nymphing. With a tungsten bead and lead wraps this fly gets down in the zone quickly and adds sensitivity to the rod. This fly is an original creation tied by Nathan Schepker, owner and head guide of Top Fly Guide Service. Enjoy!

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BWO Perdigon

Take a look at how we tie our Blue Wing Olive Perdigon. This is a popular fly when tightline nymphing and is great as a dropper as well. We have added a little twist to the fly that you might enjoy. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to our You Tube channel!

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Yakima River Winter Fishing

Yakima River winter fishing can be very fun and exciting. Here is a video of some Yakima River trout fishing in the winter. We will have a lot more video coming. Make to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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