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Tightline Nymphing (Euro Style) From A Drift Boat

I have been asked countless times if tightline nymphing from a drift boat is possible, and if so, how?  The answer is yes, it is very possible and extremely effective at that.  It is like getting an extended drift when you are wade fishing.  Imagine fishing a long run and walking down the bank with the flies all the…

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Echo Shadow 2

When I think of the Echo Shadow 2 I think of a work horse of a rod that won’t break the bank.  This was my starter tightline nymphing rod that I used for years and loved it.  It has precision accuracy and backbone with excellent feel and sensitivity. Length: 10’6” Weight: 4 Pieces: 4 Action: Fast Use: Tightline Nymphing…

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Thomas & Thomas Contact

The Thomas & Thomas Contact is a top notch tight-line nymphing rod that is light in hand, accurate, and durable. Length: 10’ 8” Weight: 3 Pieces: 4 Action: Moderate/Fast Use: Tight-line Nymphing Retail: $825 The Thomas & Thomas Contact is my go-to tight-line nymphing rod.  Along with all their other rods, I was no less impressed with this model. …

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