Echo 3

Yakima River Rainbow Trout

The Echo 3 is the first rod I grab when I need a indicator nymphing rod for steelhead. 

This 9’6” Fast action rod is great for turning over the heavy indicator nymphing rigs we use to catch steelhead. 

Length: 9’6”

Weight: 8

Pieces: 4

Action: Fast

Use: Steelhead Nymphing

Retail: $350

The line I have paired with the Echo 3 is the SA Anadro line it casts and mends the line with great ease.  This line is made for indicator fishing for anadromous fish, hence the name “Anadro.”  This line is overweighted 1.5x so it turns over the indicator rig well and the extra 6” of rod allows me to get my line on top of the indicator when I mend. 

Along with the fast action of the rod allowing for smooth casts with a heavy rig and easy mending, this rod can also turn some of the fiercest steelhead.  With steelhead fishing sometimes we need to take control of the fish by turning them away from brushy structure to prevent from breaking off.  With a 9’6” rod we can get a little extra angle on the fish while still putting a great deal of pressure on them. 


A 7-8 weight rod that is 9’6’ or longer is highly recommended when nymphing for steelhead.  Mainly for getting a better angle to turn feisty fish and it makes it incredibly easier to mend.

I have always been impressed with Echo rods.  They are a great casting rod for the price point.  I would say you get the best bang for your buck if you are not in the market for a $800 rod.  The Echo 3 is no different.  Easy and great casting power and accuracy with this rod which is sometimes hard to find when looking for a steelhead nymphing rod because of the weight of the rigs we are throwing.

I would recommend this rod to anyone in the market for a steelhead nymphing rod.  It is a high-quality rod that is not going to get you in trouble with your significant other!  Between casting power and accuracy, ease of mending, and it’s ability to turn feisty fish it is definitely a rod I will always have in my quiver!

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