Mojo Bass by St. Croix

Yakima River Rainbow Trout

The St. Croix Mojo Bass rod was built especially for professional tournament anglers.  A lot of tournament anglers would use a fly rod because of its length.  A 9’-10’ rod could reach into hard-to-get places like docks or in a mess of lily pads and pull-out fish where a gear rod would be inferior.  Soon after a rule was put in place that fly rods 8’ and longer were not allowed.  This is where the 7’11” on the St. Croix Mojo Bass come into play.

Length: 7’11”

Weight: 8

Pieces: 2

Action: Medium Fast

Use: Bass Streamers

Retail: $160

Since the Mojo Bass rod is much shorter than a normal fly rod a fast action would not make sense because it would not have any flex, so St. Croix adjusted the speed of the rod to make casting manageable.

This rod still has plenty of power at 7’11” and because it is an 8 weight it turns over big streamers with ease.  I have paired it with the SA Intermediate Titan Taper.  This allows me to add a sink tip in deeper situations or keep the intermediate line for shallow water.

Mojo Bass

The shorter length keeps maximum casting range to about 60 feet but enhances the accuracy of the cast.  This is especially important when trying to throw flies into brushy structure or weeds.  Since most tournament anglers are fishing from a boat the maximum casting range is not as big a factor as accuracy.  This is definitely a boat rod more than a wade fishermen’s rod.

Because of the shorter length this rod feels like a faster action rod then what it really is.  The SA Titan Taper is also overweighted 2 rod weights in order to quickly load the rod and turn over bigger/heavier flies.  A combination of the heavier line and shorter rod makes this rod an excellent bass streamer rod.  With a floating line it would also make a killer popper rod since its accuracy and turnover is excellent. 

I would recommend this rod to anyone looking to get a good boat bass streamer or popper rod.  Its shorter length allows for easy turnover of big flies and increases accuracy at the cost of some distance.  This rod is also economically friendly at $160.  At the price this rod would also make a great backup rod.

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