Echo Base

Yakima River Rainbow Trout

The Echo Base is the rod that I use for my clients to borrow on a guided trip.  I have used these rods guiding for 6 years straight.  Granted, I break about 2-3 rods a year, so they do not have all the original parts, but I have no intention on changing anytime soon. 

Length: 9’0”

Weight: 5

Pieces: 4

Action: Medium-Fast

Use: All-Around Trout/Steelhead

Retail: $99

The Echo Base is a great rod for all skill levels to cast.  It is very forgiving in casting yet still has enough power to make a 60–70-foot cast. 

I am still very impressed with this rod and even have clients that try it out that still ask me questions about it. 

Echo Base

A lot of clients will bring their own gear, but things happen.  They break off or they break their rod and end up having to use my gear.  I have been asked the question numerous times, “How much does this cost? $300-$400?” multiple times and when I answer with $99 it is always followed by a draw drop and a “Seriously?” response. 

Yes, this rod does not have all the “Bling” that some of the other rods have, but it does not lack in the performance category.  The Echo Base is a work horse of a rod.  It handles dry/dry dropper, nymphing, and even streamer fishing easily.

If you are familiar with the shootout that is professionally put on every year you may have seen the Echo Base get 25th place.  That might not sound too impressive until you see that it beat a lot of higher end rods in the $500 price range from well know rod companies. 

For the price I am thoroughly impressed with this rod.  It has always gone well and beyond what I have expected it to do.  I would recommend it to any caliber of angler.  This is a great starter rod for new anglers or backup rod for experienced anglers.  Echo has always been my go to for rods at an economical price point they never disappoint.

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