T&T Exocett

Yakima River Rainbow Trout

I use the T&T Exocett as my popper and backup streamer rod.  This rod is T&T’s flagship saltwater series rod.  To me, that was perfect as I needed something that was a faster action and accurate rod that would have no problem turning over flies that were very wind resistant. 

T&T Exocett

I paired this rod with the SA Redfish cold line in an 8wt because the head of the line is more compressed and towards the front.  This really gives me a good turnover with a shortened leader, about 6 feet. 

After a short time casting the T&T Exocett, I realized how accurate it actually was. 

If you popper fish for bass you may know of the difficulties about being accurate and getting distance with your cast.  

This rod takes out all those problems with an overweighted line to ensure that your fly gets to its destination with pinpoint accuracy. 

I never thought you would be able to make 70–80-foot casts with a popper and have it land in an area the size of a dinner plate. 

I have put a sink tip leader on to streamer fish for salmon in the salt and it has handled just as well.  The versatility has no bounds as far as chucking big flies that are not exactly aerodynamic. 

As far as fighting and landing fish it does a great job turning big, aggressive fish without putting to much pressure on the tippet.  T&T have really done a good job constructing this rod.  Titanium reel seats and Recoil guides make this rod very light in hand and reduce user fatigue throughout the day.

For the price point, I would say this rod is worth every penny.  Yes, it is on the upper end of the cost spectrum, but it is a top tier rod.  If you are looking for a bass or streamer rod for saltwater then I would definitely have this rod in your sights.  I have not seen anything less then 5 stars online and I completely agree with the assessment.  If you are a newer angler you may not get the same satisfaction as someone who is more experienced, but saltwater and popper fishing is not something that newer anglers generally start with. 

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