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Eric Johnson

Eric has been fly fishing the rivers of Washington, Oregon and Montana
for the past 7 years.


A self-medicating streamer addict who could easily fill a book with
discussions on mending, grain weight and ‘the tug’, Eric finds the
world’s troubles melt away when swinging or stripping a fly for the
trout, steelhead and salmon of the Pacific Northwest.


Anyone who’s fished with him knows he gets just as much pleasure
helping a friend land an epic fish – be it on a size 2 dolly llama, a
size 8 pat’s stone, or a size 18 BWO – as he does landing one himself.


But he also believes a day on the water should be filled with lots of
big laughs, camaraderie, and adrenaline-laced discovery – whiskey and
heaters are welcome, too.